Friday, March 4, 2016

Chapter Seven – Staying Serious

Chapter Seven –Saying Serious

       Tony had caught my arm right before falling off of the cliff. Now, you may ask yourself, "Mr.Koalaman, why did you place yourself into that situation?". Well, I don't have an answer for that. But what I can tell you that it wasn't worth it and I'm sorry Tony for causing this situation.

       I was able to pull myself up while holding onto Tony and successfully secure myself into safety. But when I pulled myself up, I selfishly pushed down Tony, making him fall off the cliff and ending his life I assume. And that was the end of it. My happiness was now gone right before my eyes. Slipped off of my paws and down the abyss of sadness. Never again did I see him.

       After that horrific and life changing event, I cried for days. I blamed myself for his death and mourned him for hours. I would never forgive myself after losing my bestest friend in the whole wide wild and nothing can change that. I miss him so much, no words can amount to the true feelings I had towards my pet. Oh Tony, I miss you. If you're somehow alive right at this moment and you're reading my blog, please know that I'm truly sorry and no pet rock can ever replace you. I'm sorry Tony the Rock, you were my one and only.

RIP Tony the Rock

This is the very last picture of Tony and I together.

RIP Our Friendship

Never mind, our friendship will never die!