Friday, February 19, 2016

Chapter Five – The Great Invention

Chapter Five –The Great Invention

       Today, I will be telling you the legendary story about our greatest invention to date, chocolate milk. It all started on, again, a Tuesday morning where I had been suddenly awoken from my deep twenty-two hour slumber. The night before this Tuesday was, once again, pretty rowdy. All of us koalas had a few rotten eucalyptus plants and got completely "wasted" as you hip kids would like to say it. Our "special eucalyptus" has this particular feeling, to which if consumed, you can no longer control the soft brains that we have. Anyway, I'm getting too off topic. On that day before Tuesday morning, I fell asleep on some unusual tree that I've never seen before. The leaves were thicker and wider than my standard eucalyptus tree. And it had this hanging fruit, or whatever it is, item off of the tree. Being my under-the-influence self, I thought this was my home tree. I was mistaken. What had appeared to awoken me was this miracle fruit thing that had fallen a few inches away from my pretty face, nearly hitting my little head. So, when I stood up and did my stretches, I climbed down the tree and discovered that the fruit had splattered all over the ground. The insides of this fruit contained some sort of a thick and brown gooey substance. Out of curiosity, I clawed this substance and licked it. To my surprise, it tasted disgusting. I started to run away from this devil tree and its deviled eggs too, never to turn back. I absolutely hated it. 

That's about it. Thank you for reading. 

This is me Tuesday morning. 

A great invention means to run away from something that tastes bad, right?